Hello! I’m Christie


Hello! My name’s Christie and I’m a writer from Brighton. In my spare time I’m also the Founder and President of the (unofficial) Bill Murray fan club. Ugh, I wish.

As the blog title suggests, I am a film addict. Give me a bucket of popcorn and waist-high stack of movies and I’ll never be bored. I drive all my friends and family nuts with my obsessive analysing and over-analysing of movies, so it makes sense for me to bring that analysis to the internet’s door.

My lifelong fascination and obsession with movies means I have several (hundred) favourite films, and a few drawers full of cinema ticket stubs. So, my bank balance has suffered a fair bit but my imagination hasn’t!

Who knows what will happen with this blog, but for now I’m excited to used it as my little corner of the internet where I can indulge in my most beloved past time.

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One comment

  1. Hi Christie,
    Nice to discover your new (or new to me) blog. I also like movies, but from my own research purposes, as well as pure entertainment. I often analyse bio-pics and actors for evidence of ‘Life Cycles’ (my own theory of life in 12 year cycles based on biographical data). I actually have some views on the upcoming Oscars/Emmy’s at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Life-Cycles-Revolution/363216563760101 (about half way down). Will read some of your articles.
    Neil Killion
    Author and Pioneer of ‘Life Cycles’

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