What is your favorite film?
I absolutely, point-blank cannot pick just one film that is my definitive and complete ‘favorite’. I’m crazy about so many different movies, for so many different reasons, and to narrow it down to just one is actually impossible.

But if you HAD to pick a favorite…?
Dammit! Maybe Gladiator? Or Pulp Fiction? But I can’t go a month without watching A Clockwork Orange or 2001: A Space Odyssey! Into the Wild left me breathless, and I love Shutter Island more than I can put into words. Not to mention Goodfellas, or The Godfather — or Rushmore, No Country for Old Men, True Romance, and Reservoir Dogs. Oh, and Buffalo ’66, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Halloween, Girl Interrupted, There Will be Blood and how could I forget Practical Magic? And, of course, Back to the Future!!!! See where I’m going with this? I cannot pick just ONE.


What is your leave favorite film?
Again, I don’t have one. If I don’t like a film — I don’t watch it again, and I don’t talk about it so I won’t ever give a film I hated its own review on this blog. What’s the point? For every film I’m not bothered about, there’s a dozen I could gush over and get excited by!

How do you have time to watch so many movies?
I make time! Where possible I like to devote at least one Sunday a month to watching three or four movies, some I know and love and some I’ve never seen before. And ever since I got Netflix (almost two years ago!) I’ve made sure to watch one film I’ve never seen before every week. Plus, late night trips to the movies are my favorite thing — so I try to go to the cinema after work as much as possible.

What was the first movie you (can remember) ever watching?
I went to see The Lion King at the cinema with my mom, dad and brothers when I was just three years old — I remember being in the cinema, and really enjoying the atmosphere and wishing to be best friends with the lions. My mom has since told me she couldn’t believe how captivated I was by the movie and I sat still and didn’t take my eyes the screen once. So, seems like I’ve been obsessed with the cinema from an early age.

What would you say are the most underrated movies?
One of my favorite, and I think pretty underrated, movies is Lucky Number Slevin. It’s witty and beautifully directed, with an almost comic book feel, complex and interesting characters, and an original storyline. I recommend it to everyone, but I don’t know many people, apart from my mom, who love it or really rate it. Plus, it’s got an incredible cast — and Lucy Liu gives the performance of her life in it.
Beyond that it’s hard to say, because what does underrated really mean? There are loads of movies that critics slammed initially but ended up garnering a huge cult following — or even movies that critics enjoyed, but I’ve only ever heard ‘fans’ moan about it? Movies, like most things in life, are an acquired taste and whether you love or loathe something is relative to you!


Are there any remakes you think are better than the original?
Nope! None. Not at all. Never ever. Purely because I don’t get behind the idea of remaking something. Seeing talented directors, actors, writers, producers etc. work on improving or changing a piece of art that already exists is pointless to me. I would prefer to watch something completely original. Even if a remake is technically ‘better’ than the original, it’s still just an imitation, a copy, a fake etc and will never amount to the charm of the original. My ultimate pet peeve is the abundance of trashy remakes of classic horror from the ’80s and ’90s, which seem to think adding even more fake blood and churning out a character backstory will make it more terrifying.
Although, having said all of that… I am actually a fan of both versions of Cape Fear. Maybe because when I first watched the 1991 version, I had no idea (being only 14) that it was a remake so I’m kinda biased on that one.

What is your favorite genre?
I’m a huge fan of thrillers, from horror to action to murder mysteries. I lean towards intense, dark, and brooding films with beautiful cinematography and sinister characters. If I had to pick one genre, I’d go for something like late ’80s/early ’90s psychological thrillers.

Guilty pleasures? 
Absolutely any teen drama from the ’80s and early ’90s especially Footloose, Heathers, Mermaids, The Breakfast Club and, of course, Grease! These are absolutely not even guilty pleasures, I will watch these types of movies over and over happily without any qualms or embarrassment — and always will.
Also, if I get a whiff of sci-fi I am there. I grew up with a mom who is, somewhat surprisingly, the biggest Star Wars fan you’re likely to meet. So, I’ve followed in her footsteps with that one and I am absorbed by anything with a fantasy, science-fiction twist — or even just balls out sci-fi, a la Star Wars.



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